The Healing Power of Music

By Javier Ramon Brito

What exactly does it mean to heal with music? Can music really heal? Can music foster your personal well-being, health, personal growth, inner healing, joy and spiritual awareness?

Certainly. Let's see why music heals and in which cases. Get ready to discover the secret about the holistic power of musical tones used scientifically to balance not only your emotions, but also your meridians and the organs of your physical body.

The term “spiritual” means connecting to the source. Music that connects you to the source is spiritual music. Connecting to the source means also healing. Healing is making something whole, returning it to its natural harmonious state, in alignment with the source. The source is energy. Energy is vibration. Vibration is sound. Harmonic sounds are music.



Music speaks to the soul because it is the soul’s language. It transcends the limitations of the rational mind. Ludwig van Beethoven said that “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”.

To connect to the source you need to transcend and leave behind the rational mind and to unleash your intuition. Music without linguistically spoken words activates the intuitive side of the brain, facilitating this process.

When Albert Einstein was asked about his theory of relativity, he said: “It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception”.


So what does it mean to heal with music? -For most people, healing music is synonymous with relaxation music. For others, healing with music also involves the use of uplifting music, when stimulation is needed. For the cognoscenti, healing with music requires primarily an access to the higher vibrations contained in inspiring or inspirational music.

But the spiritual, healing power of music goes far beyond that. There was a time where music and healing were part of the same, as it is documented in all ancient traditions. In our modern society we are just rediscovering this truth, assisted by the current shift in universal consciousness.



The movements of the planets can be transposed into audible sounds and rhythms, as Hans Cousto has demonstrated. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon and all our planets have specific musical tones and frequencies.

And, as Barbara Hero’s research has demonstrated, not only the orbits and spins of our planets, but also the Chakra energy centers of our bodies and each of the different organs of our bodies have specific musical notes at specific frequencies.

Our vertebrae respond also to specific musical notes at specific frequencies, as Dr. June Leslie Wieder’s work has demonstrated.

And in the collective universal symphony of wellness, health and prosperity, everyone has also their own personal music scale, as part of their own individual uniqueness in the cosmos.

To really heal with music, all the above scientific evidence must be taken into account. Music and sound, scientifically and intuitively used, can align the frequencies in people’s bodies, minds and souls.

As Dr. John Diamond states: “To me, as to Pythagoras, music is not merely entertainment or amusement…but therapy…for actuating…the healing power that exists within us all: Life Energy”.

In order to heal with music, it is possible to identify and restore the missing musical tones in people’s systems. Tones relate to meridians and organs of the human body. And those meridians and organs relate also to very specific emotions. Harmony can be restored with the appropriate use of music and sound to produce healing.

This is the beautiful holistic power of music reconnecting you to the source and returning you to your natural harmonious state, in alignment with the source. This is to heal with music.

And alignment with the source is the essence of spiritual music, which is also your soul’s prayer. The prayer that aims at attaining the highest joy of all: spiritual joy.