The Bach Flower Sound Frequencies

Balance all your emotional states with the Bach Flower Remedies.
Listen to the Bach Flowers in Sound Form. Download the 38 Bach Flower Sound Frequencies.

By Javier Ramon Brito

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What are the Bach Flowers?

The Bach Flower Remedies are 38 flower based remedies which are homeopathically prepared. They work at vibrational level to help you manage all kinds of emotional states by stimulating your own body’s capacity to heal itself. They were discovered in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach. The Bach Flower remedies are completely natural and 100% safe to use at any time by anyone, with no side effects. You can use them to manage emotional states like fear, loneliness, insufficient interest in the present circumstances, despondency or despair, uncertainty, over-sensitivity to influences and ideas, over-care for the welfare of others and so on. Each flower is specially devised to treat a different feeling.

The Bach Flower Sound Frequencies

As Nikola Tesla said, “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Each Bach Flower has a very specific vibrational frequency that inspires a positive quality, and this positive quality overrides vibrationally the negative one that is causing emotional distress.

The vibrational frequencies of the 38 Bach Flowers can be measured in hertz and we can use those frequencies for sound healing purposes. Electronic sound healing works by producing electronically the exact, specific sound healing frequencies in hertz, so people can listen to them (preferably with headphones), and benefit from the healing vibrations pursuant to the principle of resonance, which states that anything that vibrates (as it is the case of your body and emotions) reacts sympathetically to harmonic vibrations (in these case, the vibrations of the Bach Flowers).

Listening to the precise healing sound frequencies is easy and practical.

Since the science behind these healing frequencies resides in their exact frequencies measured in hertz, I took interest in producing these exact frequencies, in their pure vibratory form, in my recording studio.

I did not add any music or special effects to these frequencies because, had I done that, you would not be able to clearly distinguish one thing from the other. These are the pure, "organic", unaltered, electromagnetic vibratory healing sound frequencies.

To give you a taste of what they sound like, you can listen to a 10 second sample of the Cerato frequency here:

Listen with headphones to a 10 second PREVIEW of the Cerato frequency:

Download the Bach Flower Sound Frequencies

You can download below the whole set of the 38 Bach Flower Sound Frequencies and then listen to them to heal or balance your emotional states, like depression, sadness, stress or whatever you may need to fix emotionally, using the basic guide I provided above.

If you are a healer or therapist, you can also use the Bach Flower Sound Frequencies in your therapy room.

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download the bach flower sound frequencies

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The 38 Bach Flower Sound Frequencies
(38 MP3 Files wrapped in a single ZIP file for easy download)


1. Agrimony. For your mental torment behind a façade of a brave face.
2. Aspen. For your fears and worries of unknown origin and anxiety.
3. Beech. When you feel critical and intolerant of others.
4. Centaury. If you are a pleaser and let yourself be exploited by others.
5. Cerato. If you are unsure and need others to confirm your decisions.
6. Cherry Plum. If you feel tense and fearful of losing control.
7. Chesnut Bud. If you constantly repeat the same mistakes and patterns.
8. Chicory. If you feel hurt when people do not recognize what you give.
9. Clematis. If you feel dreamy and tend to escape the present.
10. Crab Apple. If you feel unclean or ashamed, or self-disgusted.
11. Elm. If you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities.
12. Gentian. If you feel disappointed or discouraged by something.
13. Gorse. If you feel despair, lack of hope, and despondency.
14. Heather. If you feel lonely, finding it hard to cope with being alone.
15. Holly. When you feel angry, offended, revengeful, jealous or envious.
16. Honeysuckle. If you feel homesick, melancholic, nostalgic of the past.
17. Hornbeam. If you feel fed up and have lost your motivation.
18. Impatients. If you feel impatient, hurried, with a sense of urgency.
19. Larch. If you lack self-confidence or have feelings of inferiority.
20. Mimulus. If you have any fear of specific things or are shy and timid.
21. Mustard. If you feel deep gloom with no apparent origin.
22. Oak . If you feel tired and exhausted but still struggle on, out of duty.
23. Olive. If you lack energy and feel mentally and physically exhausted.
24. Pine. If you feel guilty and blame yourself.
25. Red Chesnut. If you feel worried and fearful about your loved ones.
26. Rock Rose. If you feel terror, extreme fear or panic.
27. Rock Water. If you martyr yourself striving for perfection, joylessly.
28. Scleranthus. If you suffer from indecision.
29. Star of Bethlehem If you feel shocked, traumatized, grieving.
30. Sweet Chesnut. If you feel extreme sadness, anguish and despair.
31. Vervain. If you feel over-enthusiastic or fanatic about something.
32. Vine. If you feel domineering, inflexible, ruthless and craving power.
33. Walnut. If you feel too sensitive about people, situations of changes.
34. Water Violet. If you feel aloof and want to be away from other people.
35. White Chesnut. If you want to quiet persistent unwanted thoughts.
36. Wild Oat. If you feel uncertain as to your path in life.
37. Wild Rose. If you feel apathy and resignation.
38. Willow. If you feel sorry for yourself, with resentment and bitterness.

Listen to these frequencies for healing purposes. Use headphones or earbuds to benefit the most from these healing frequencies. Enjoy them.