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Listen free online to music in 432 Hz, which is more relaxing, healing and meditative. Feel the music more with your heart and let it balance your brain hemispheres.

Many people experience more healing effects when the music is tuned to 432 Hz instead of the standard 440 Hz. The science behind this is that the Earth's orbit around the Sun, when transposed into sound, is 272.2 Hz (a C# note), as mathematicians like Barbara Hero and Hans Cousto have demostrated. 136.1 Hz, the same C# note in the lower scale of a piano, is the exact frequency of ¨OM", the universal sound, as ancient sages intuitively discovered (and used it for chanting and tuning their musical instruments as in the case of ancient India). In the Pythagorean scale (not in the modern equal temperament scale), a C# note in 136 Hz corresponds to an A note in 432 Hz.

Beyond scientific considerations, in practice music tuned to 432 Hz is felt more with the heart (the fourth Chakra area) than only with the mind, as in the case of music tuned to 440 Hz. Music in 440 Hz stimulates the left side of the brain, while music in 432 Hz works more with the right side of the brain, thus tending to create a balance between both brain hemispheres.

432 Hz is a more relaxing and meditative frequency that brings you closer to an Alpha mind state, while 440 Hz prompts to action and keeps you in a Beta mind state. Learn more of the mind states here.

The following musical compositions are tuned to 432 Hz. Click the "buy" button to purchase and download the music in high quality audio and to listen to the music offline on your mobile phone via the free bandcamp app. .

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