Subliminal Audios

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Subliminal audios are powerful. You can improve your life while you listen to music with the right subliminal affirmations. With subliminal audios, music is transformed into a powerful tool to achieve your goals if the appropriate subliminal affirmations are recorded in the background of the music.

How does it work?

With subliminal audios, you enjoy listening to music as usual, but your subconscious mind receives silently in the meantime the subliminal messages that allow you to reprogram your mind towards your goals.

Why use subliminal audios and not just positive thinking affirmations?

Because, while positive things happen to positive thinking people, pursuant to the law of attraction (you attract to yourself the things that you constantly think about), when it comes to important matters your subconscious mind works like a feeling control panel. Ideas that are inconsistent with your subconscious system, are "not believed" and rejected, and therefore not acted upon. Your subconscious has somehow a "veto power" over them.

If the positive thinking inputs do not conform to the core beliefs that are stored in your subconscious, they will be rejected by your subconscious system -or by your rational mind speaking for your subconscious- on the grounds that it is "not possible" or "not feasible" or "not realistic" for you, or that you "do not deserve it". Beliefs are powerful and end up making their way to the image that you subconsciously hold of yourself.

This is why persistent problems and patterns that you want to change and important goals that you want to achieve are best dealt with addressing your subconscious. Otherwise the negative, limiting beliefs that you have stored in your subconscious will keep influencing and limiting your life experiences and the same pattern will keep manifesting itself in your reality over and over.

How do you reprogram your subconscious mind with a subliminal audio?

Subliminal audios are certainly a pleasant way to use self-hypnosis to your benefit. They are maybe the most enjoyable way to use the principles of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and the law of attraction together to overcome subconscious limiting beliefs and transform your life in an easy, practical way.

Subliminal audios are not only powerful. The beauty of them is that the positive recorded messages bypass the conscious resistance of the rational mind speaking for the subconscious that often "filters" the positive affirmations through disbelief or negative inner talk.

Subliminal audios are designed to allow the positive affirmations to be received and acted upon directly by the subconscious mind. The subliminal messages cannot be heard out loud by your rational mind while the music plays, but your subconscious mind receives them directly.

Here are two subliminal audios that you can enjoy. The first one is a subliminal audio to attract more love into your life and the second one is a subliminal audio to experience more wealth, prosperity and abundance. Click on the images for more information about each of them. You can download them online.

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