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Positive affirmations have the ability to reprogram your subconscious mind and therefore your reality by overcoming subconscious blockages. Positive thinking is very powerful, as demonstrated by quantum physics.

Combining positive affirmations with healing music makes the experience more pleasurable and makes it easier to practice and repeat the positive affirmations as long as you want until you experience a positive shift in your vibration.

These are positive affirmations for Happy Joints, with relaxing music in 432 Hz. They address the emotional causes of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions of your joints and ligaments. So whether you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other inflammatory conditions of your joints and tendons, these positive affirmations will be of benefit for you.

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Positive affirmations for Happy Joints contained in this audio

I let go of any inflammation in my body, my thoughts and my feelings.
Inflammation has no place in my body, because my thinking and feelings are peaceful.
I do not eat inflammatory foods.
I take care of my liver, because my liver meridian controls my tendons and ligaments.
I eat only non-inflammatory foods.
I refrain from inflammatory thoughts.
I refrain from all criticism.
I stop criticizing myself.
I stop criticizing others.
I love and approve of myself the way I am.
I do not criticize others.
Criticism by others cannot affect me, as they are really talking about themselves, not me.
I am not ruled by what other people think or say.
I stop comparing myself to others.
I am my own authority and set my own standards.
I stop being so sensitive to criticism.
I do not let in any criticism by others.
I am no longer affected by a lack of recognition or insufficient recognition by others.
I stop seeking validation outside.
I know my own value. God knows my own value.
I validate myself. I celebrate my own achievements according to my own standards.
I love and approve of myself.
I am no longer in a rat race for recognition or validation.
I refrain from resentment.
I let go of any feeling of resentment.
I see life with love.
I let go of any bitterness.
There is no place for bitterness in my life.
I see the good in every moment.
I decide to create my own experiences with ease and joy.
There is no place for victimization in my life.
I let go of any feeling of victimization.
I am my own authority.
I see life with love.
I see others with love.
I am loved.
I feel loved .
I am free to move as I like.
I move as I please.
I go to where I like when I like.
I am always going in the best direction.
I always find a way to handle my experiences with ease.
I always find a way to handle my experiences with joy.
I always find a way to handle my experiences with love.
My hands reflect the joy I feel in what I do.
My hands feel free.
My hands are free from ties.
My hands are flexible.
I am skillful with my hands.
My hands work with precision.
My hands and fingers move with dexterity.
My hands do things with love in a positive way.
My hands love what they do.
I do what I like in life.
I do what I really want to do every day.
Every day I do at least a little of what I like to do most in life.
I do what I really want, without the need to please others and without having to prove anything to anyone.
I have happy, strong and flexible wrists. I handle my experiences with ease.
I have happy arms. I embrace life and the positive things in my life.
I have happy shoulders. I carry my experiences in life with joy. No more burdens.
I have happy knees. I am flexible and flow with ease.
I have happy legs. They carry me forward in life. Good life is for me.
I have happy feet. My understanding is clear. I am safe. I go in the right direction.
I have happy fingers. I am peaceful with the details of life. I have dexterity.
I have happy toes. All minor details take care of themselves.
I easily and happily flow with change.
My experiences get better and better.
I am strong but flexible.
I can bend and flow with ease.
All is well.
Life is good.
Life is a harmonious dance and I live it as such.

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