Meet the Composer

Javier Ramon Brito: Music Composer. Author of Holistic Books. Recording Artist of music for meditation, healing, relaxation, motivation, joy and peace

Javier Ramon Brito is a Composer, Music Healer and Recording Artist of Music for Meditation, Healing, Relaxation, Motivation, Joy and Peace. He describes himself as an intuitive musician. A firm believer in the healing power of music, he wonders not why musicians are often compared to medical doctors. “I am like a psychologist, because I work with people’s emotions and dreams”, he jokes. “Or like a kinesiologist, because I believe music can balance the meridians of the human body”, he adds.

Javier Ramon Brito is also an Author of Holistic Books. He is the author of "The Five Paths to Happiness: The Keys to Living a Happy Life according to Your Personality" and "How to Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life". Javier Ramon Brito’s philosophy of life has been enriched through the years with the study of metaphysics and various spiritual and holistic healing disciplines. Visit his website of Personal Growth and Holistic Healing for your Body, Mind and Soul, where he shares holistic healing tips and sound healing tools.

He composes music with a clear intention to promote spirituality and joy. “Spiritual awareness and enjoyment are often considered as opposites, but I believe they go hand in hand, so both are important ingredients of my music”, he remarks.

Being an intuitive artist, his main concern is not to closely follow traditional musical structures. “I like to create music for people who seek a spiritual connection as well as food for their souls…music to accompany their prayers… music to accompany their meditations or reflections”, he explains. “And as joy is of utmost importance in the current shift of universal consciousness, my music wants to foster joy, the emotional state that increases the energy of life, so I also compose happy songs”, he adds.

Javier Ramon’s personal style combines the sounds of piano and western classical instruments with oriental sounds. He also incorporates angelic choirs, oriental vocals and special effects as appropriate to maintain the warm, spiritual intended nature of his music. “I adore vocals, but normally choose to use wordless vocals, because scientific studies have demonstrated that music without words activates the brain’s right hemisphere (the intuitive one), which is the one I am more interested in”, he explains.

His pieces are enriched by rhythms carefully selected to sooth and invigorate the main meridians of the human body, from swing and bossa nova to oriental drum beats. “I want people to feel well”, he remarks. His music is unconventional and unpredictable because it blends different musical styles -from baroque to pop- with spicy tunes and harmonics of a defined and colorful oriental taste.

“EXPRESSION”, his first album, is inspiring and powerful healing music that opens the heart to the love and joie de vivre of our inner child.

It is an enjoyable album with meditative melodies and songs which are fun.

From the healing point of view, it works with your fourth chakra (loving feelings) and with your fifth chakra, i.e. the chakra of communication, of your ability to express your deepest feelings with honesty and clarity, to yourself and others.

This entails some work with your "inner child". The little voice inside yourself that wants some attention to your emotions.This is important because psychological studies demonstrate that negative emotional states hide an unfulfilled need of our “inner child”. We cannot ignore our inner child if we want to achieve peace of mind.

The music in this album helps you to communicate with your "inner child", so that you can identify and express your deep feelings in a sweet manner.This cozy music brings out your best loving feelings. This is an inspiring introspection.

And last but not least, it is enjoyable, with a sparkle of FUN. This album wants your amusement and delight. And in so doing this album works also with your second chakra.

You can remember, for instance, the fun and happiness you had as a child while watching funny cartoons. You will experience that fun with songs like "Playful Bear" and "Dancing Elephant". There are also joyful rhythms at the end of songs like "Happy Path", "Little Pampering" and "Walking in the Park".

This music gives you peace of mind and inspiration. It is a window to your inner world and balance. A balm. Soulful beautiful music that is also healing. And fun.

“GRATITUDE”, his second album, is powerful healing music that induces gratitude and inpiration. You will feel spiritual joy. For some people it is "like touching another planet", because if you listen with sincere intention, this album will help you explore the universal consciousness, linking to higher realms and traveling through different emotions from a higher perspective.

There are 10 inspiring songs in this album with both classical and oriental sounds, plus different effects. Melodies of spirituality with angelic choirs, in some cases with oriental voices and rhythms, like in “Orange Star” and “The Joy of a New Day”.

"The King's Joy", is entirely classical with violins, while “Morning light” also incorporates sounds of birds to take the listener’s mind to a peaceful dawn in the forest.

“Carrousel” adds a sparkle of fun to this album’s deep meditative musical journey.

“TRUST”, his third album, is powerful healing music that induces inspiration, adventure and happy feelings, together with cheerfulness.

Your imagination will fly with a blend of different styles. Jazz, Japanese music, cinematic sounds, bossanova, bagpipes with space music, carrousel sounds, new age, classical, Chinese music and more.

It is like traveling on board an orange balloon of unrestricted imagination. Your mind goes to different lands and times. It goes from inspiration and adventure to cheerfulness.

From the healing point of view it works mainly with your second chakra. It is a "recipe" for cheerfulness and buoyancy. For pleasure and joy.

This is why this motivational music resonates with optimistic people. And it explains why it is also a very good choice to create an emotional state of cheerfulness, optimism and buoyancy.

Some people find this music useful to raise their self-esteem. To boost their creativity. To reaffirm their trust. It has an an uplifting effect.

"PEACE”, his fourth album, is powerful healing music that inspires peace at global and personal levels by inducing spirituality and enjoyment.

It was composed to inspire peace on the planet. It was designed as a sonic bridge between East and West. As an ode to understanding among peoples. As a message of peace among different cultures.

It is a sonic vibration for global peace.

And it is a recipe of vibrations for your inner peace too. Last but not least, it is an album for the listener's musical delight, because spirituality and enjoyment are not opposites, they go hand in hand.

Some people have reported that if you listen with sincere intention, there is no room for negative thoughts while you listen to this album.

The main purpose of this album is to help you feel that if your inner peace grows, you will feel more communion with the universe. And your natural positive attitudes will flow.

In this music you will hear sounds of classical and oriental instruments, Angelic choirs, new age voices, bells and rhythms (traditional and oriental), in line with the cozy and joyful nature of this music of spirituality.

The song "Delight" of this album (classical new age flute music) won the First Place in the Classical Competition organized by "American Idol Underground" in the first quarter of 2007.

You can listen to this album -and to all his music- in a meditative state or simply enjoy the music. Go where it takes you. Allow the music to do its job.