Heal Your Body with Singing Bowls in 432 Hz

Singing Bowls are now a wellness trend in many Western countries. People have realized that listening to their sounds is a pleasant, yet meditative way to vibrationally improve their well-being and overall health.

Singing Bowls are an effective, natural way to treat many emotional and physical conditions using the vibrational power of sound. With the rise of depression, anxiety, insomnia and other ailments in modern fast-paced Western societies, it is easily understandable why singing bowls are gathering momentum as a popular natural treatment. As with meditation, people who regularly receive treatment with singing bowls report experiencing several benefits like stress reduction, lowered anxiety, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure and even a boost in the immune system.

With this in mind, I have recorded the vibrations of Singing Bowls tuned to 432 Hz, in all the tonalities, for ample healing purposes.

The correspondences of each sound in the body are indicated in parenthesis. First the vertebrae (example: C1 is Cervical one, T2 is Thoracic two, L1 is Lumbar one, etc.) and then the organs in the body.

This is a wonderful tool to fix your energies. Give your full body a vibrational massage.

While you listen to each sound, direct your mental attention to the parts of your body indicated in parenthesis.

Since the Bowls are tuned to 432 Hz, these Bowls have also a relaxing, calming, sedating effect. Ideal to relieve stress, anxiety and related symptoms.

Listen with headphones or earbuds for best healing effects.

You can buy and download these Singing Bowl frequencies to listen to them at leisure on your mobile phone while you are OFFLINE via the free free bandcamp app.