Javier Ramon Brito


Composer Javier Ramon Brito writes music to inspire joy and bring beauty to life. Having lived in Mexico, Italy, the UK and Thailand has immersed him in broad stylistic influences. His themes accentuate the highlights of visual media with delicate sounds that touch deep emotions and tell stories.

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“Javier Ramon Brito's music is nice in terms of unpredictability... Moreover, due to the use of unconventional musical instruments which create a different sound, his music has something different... it has the flavor of styles from different origins, from baroque to pop” 

— AUDIOPHILE Vol. 9 No.107. CD REVIEW (Thailand)

“PEACE is a precious album...it induces peace among all peoples and cultures... Javier Ramon Brito's music is full of beauty, life, sweetness and, above all, love.” - M.A. Espigares 

— Director, Live Radio Programme: "When I stop the time." RADIO ILIBERIS, Spain