Royalty-Free Music

royalty-free-music, healing music, meditation music, healing business
Do you need royalty-free music for your videos, multimedia projects, Spas or healing centers?

If you are in the business of inspiring or healing the world, you can use my music as background music for your public projects or healing practices by simply giving the amount you consider fair (from $1 to $50 per track) according to the nature and calibre of your project, at the time you buy my healing music on my BANDCAMP SITE and are asked to "name your price" before you can download it. This does not work on other platforms where my music is available. Only on my Bandcamp site, because it allows you to adjust the price according to your needs and the nature of your project.

If you decide to purchase my healing music under this new royalty-free fair contribution model, you could use the music in the following ways:


royalty-free-music, healing music, meditation, video

royalty-free-music, healing music
Use it as background music for a video, website, documentary, or film that has a positive inspiring message or the intention to heal and help people.

Royalty-free-music, healing music, healing room
royalty-free-music, healing music Play the music in your healing room, during live treatment or consultations with your clients of any holistic healing practice, including Ayurveda, natural medicine, energy medicine, naturopathy,  acupuncture, therapeutic massage, homeopathy, reiki, hypnotherapy, EFT, havening technique and bio-feedback advice.

royalty-free-music, spiritual practice
royalty-free-music, healing music, spa, holistic center Play it as background music in your Spa, wellness center, holistic center, spiritual retreat, holistic retreat, Ayurveda center, Ayurveda restaurant, or organic food restaurant.

royalty-free-music, healing music, meditation music, yoga music

royalty-free-music, healing music, spa, holistic center Play it as background music in your yoga class, meditation class, spiritual healing class, kinesiology class, or seminar of any holistic,  vibrational or quantum healing disciplines..



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royalty-free music, healing musicUse it as background music for your own voice recordings (CDs or Mp3s) of ASMR, guided meditations, hypnosis, holistic healing, metaphysics, EFT, personal growth, or NLP coaching, whether you sell them or not.



All the healing music on this site has been composed by Javier Ramon Brito and you are kindly asked to provide the appropriate credit for the music composer in your project when it is possible (example: in the description of your video). Just include "Music by Javier Ramon Brito" in the credits section of your project. Including an additional clickable link to this website is optional, but it would be highly appreciated. Of course, there are projects where the written credit is not possible, as in the case of therapy rooms or TV or radio commercials.


Royalty-free music means that once your have paid once at the time of downloading the music the amount that feels fair to you according to the nature of your project, you will not have to pay any ongoing fees or any royalties of any type for licensing the music and use it in the future for that project. 


To download my healing music for your project on a fair contribution basis, just go to my BANDCAMP PAGE and click "download" or "buy" on the music you like for your project. Then, when you are asked to "name your price", freely enter the amount that feels fair to you (from $1 to $50 or whatever you consider appropriate) according to the nature of your project and proceed to check out. You will be able to download the music immediately, in the audio format and quality of your choice. That's it!

Licensing Terms and Conditions

By downloading the music on a fair contribution basis for use of the music in a public project of yours, you are granted a non-exclusive royalty-free license for the uses allowed above on this website. You agree to respect and abide by the applicable rules under copyright law and consequently (1) You cannot alter the music by adding additional instrumentation to it (you can only adapt the music to your project by looping it, cutting it, or applying fade ins and outs); (2) You cannot re-sell the music by itself; (3) You cannot sub-license the music to a third party; (4) You cannot release the music under a different name; (5) You cannot claim exclusive ownership or authorship of a track licensed by Javier Ramon Brito. © All the music copyrights are reserved by Javier Ramon Brito, who is the author, composer and publisher of this music.