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I hope you are doing well. In this Holistic Newsletter I share with you these resources that you may like: 

1. How to Overcome the False Belief that "You are Not Enough". As you know, many people in our Western societies have in their subconscious minds the false belief that they are not enough. 

I explain why and how to overcome that false belief in an article, podcast and video. 

Watch the Youtube Video here

Listen to the Podcast here

Read the Article here

2. Mood Food. Did you know that the food you eat influences the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and the decisions you make?

I explain this from an Ayurvedic perspective. 

Read the Article here

3. Free Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz. Do you know your predominant dosha?

If you want to know your predominant dosha according to Ayurveda (Vata, Pitta or Kapha), you can take this free quiz and get your results right away. 

Take the QUIZ here

4. Relax and Raise your Vibrations with Music in 432 Hz. 

For a moment of relaxation and visual artistic meditation with orchestral music in 432 Hz, I share my composition "RISING".

Watch the Video here

Listen on your favorite streaming platform here

5. How to manage and use your Brainwaves wisely. 

I explain all about the 5 different brainwaves we all have (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma) and how to manage them wisely in this article.

Read the Article here

Wishing you joy and happiness, 

Javier Ramon Brito

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