Dear friend,

I hope you are well and safe in the midst of the coronavirus situation around the globe.

I want to share with you some FREE RESOURCES that I have created to help you FEEL BETTER during these times. 

1. My ARTICLE on How to Increase your Immunity from Coronavirus fron a Natural and Holistic Perspective. You can read my full article here: https://www.personal-growth-can-be-fun.com/coronavirus.html 

2. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS for Immunity from Coronavirus. You can listen to these affirmations online or download them here: https://javier-ramon-brito.bandcamp.com/track/positive-affirmations-for-coronavirus

3. My VIDEO about The Spiritual Lesson from Coronavirus. You can watch it on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/xulGeA8oNBw

4. My SONG "WE WILL RISE AGAIN". The new song I composed about hope and confidence that humanity will rise again from the threat of coronavirus or covid-19 or any other virus with the power of love and solidarity. Produced in 432 Hz. You can listen to it online or download it here: https://javier-ramon-brito.bandcamp.com/track/we-will-rise-again-432-hz

I hope this helps. Be well and stay safe my friend. 

Javier Ramon Brito 




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